GODS and MONSTERS - exhibition 3rd July - 26th Aug 

gods and monsters web2.jpg


Above the Stag Theatre, Vauxhall London. 3rd July - 26th Aug


Statuesque physiques and classic model looks are abound in this exhibition of male fitness models and stunning youths - coupled with ancient Greek and Roman mythological stories of Gods and monsters, heroes and villains and influences
of classical art and sculpture...

...but are they man, Gods or monsters? You decide.

about the photographer

Gaz has been a well respected photographer for many years in the fitness industry, on London’s gay scene and in London’s theatre world.

His work has graced the covers of many magazines and books worldwide and is proud to be in house photographer for the above the stag theatre,
and the charities make a difference trust and diversity role models.

More can be seen of his fitness images on instagram @pbg-fitnessphotography, Theatre work on www.pbgstudios.com. 

Gaz wishes to thank Peter and Tom (at Above the Stag), John (at Hornswoggle costume for the minotaur horns), George, Anna, David and Matt for help and encouragement
in putting on this exhibition and special thanks to the models: 
Daniel, Mark, Tom, Steve, Jordan, Francesco and Tommy.

all enquiries gaz@pbgstudios.com or fill in the contact form on this website.